Labor Compliance Providers, Inc. (LCP, Inc.) provides contract labor compliance services on public works construction projects throughout California, delivering innovative labor compliance solutions and outstanding service to a diverse range of business clients that demand exacting performance.

Established in 1988, LCP, Inc. formally incorporated in the State of California in 2003. Today, LCP, Inc. maintains offices/staff in Riverside, El Monte, San Diego, Ventura, and Bakersfield.


LCP, Inc. has established a reputation for highest-quality service, outstanding monitoring methodologies & enforcement techniques. As evidence of our excellence in providing labor compliance monitoring and enforcement services, our organization’s labor compliance wage assessments have accounted for nearly half of the State of California’s Division of Labor Standards & Enforcement total Civil Wage & Penalty Assessments in 2008, 2009 & 2010. To say we’re knowledgeable in labor compliance is an understatement—we’re considered experts in this field.


LCP, Inc. becomes an invaluable partner to our clients throughout the construction process. Our detailed, structured methodology includes comprehensive project controls in order to bring every job to a successful completion with minimal delays due to non-compliance. Throughout the construction process, when issues are identified they are quickly brought to the attention of the violating contractor with clear and specific instructions for either providing mitigating evidence or resolving via restitution. Constant communication and status reporting allows LCP, Inc. to maintain control over issues to bring them to closure at the lowest possible level, assisting our clients to bring their projects in on time & within budget.


The parent organization of Labor Compliance Providers, Inc. (herein referred to as LCP, Inc.) has been monitoring labor compliance on public works contracts since 1988. With the legislative passage of AB1506, LCP, Inc., a California corporation, was established in 2003 for the purpose of monitoring and enforcing prevailing wage compliance upon public works projects mandating a California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)-approved Labor Compliance Program. LCP, Inc. has the distinguished reputation of being the first consultancy in the State of California to receive an “approved” status for a Labor Compliance Program by the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) pursuant to Labor Code §1771.7 (State LCP ID number: 2002-00001).

The staff at LCP, Inc. has worked for numerous public agencies—on tiny public works expansion projects to multi-billion dollar projects of significance. We have complete knowledge and specific experience with all aspects of Federal Davis Bacon and State prevailing wage compliance requirements. Our experience in providing labor compliance services to public entities and/or major construction projects spans the gamut of the compliance spectrum and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Conducting pre-bid and pre-construction meetings to educate contractors on labor compliance requirements of the project;
  • Auditing payroll records to assure compliance with prevailing wage laws/regulations;
  • Ensuring compliance with apprenticeship laws/regulations, fringe benefit & training fund contributions;
  • Early identification of labor compliance violations and proactively working to resolve issues at the lowest possible level;
  • Conducting on-site inspections and worker interviews to corroborate against payroll records; and
  • Providing public agency clients with monthly compliance status reports and progress payment recommendations based on the contractor’s level of compliance with labor laws/regulations.


Many public agencies are in tune to the fact that publicly-funded construction projects ought to generate business and working opportunities for the communities in which the project is located. Concentrating contractor’s project expenditures within a defined area and promoting the employment of residents local to the project spurs the local economy by recycling public funds back into the community. The establishment of Local Labor & Local Purchase Programs require rigorous compliance monitoring and enforcement oversight to ensure the community’s needs are met. The public expects transparency relative to the results of these Community Benefit Programs to see just how public funds are being spent.

The staff at LCP, Inc. have over a decade of experience monitoring contractor’s compliance with Local Labor & Local Purchase Programs. We’ve developed, implemented, monitored, and enforced contractor’s compliance with Local Hire & Local Purchase Programs for numerous public works projects throughout Southern CA.

Local Labor/Workforce Outreach Programs requires recipients of public funds (i.e. contractors) to utilize a workforce that is local to the project area. This ensures that the local community residents benefit from the economic opportunities generated by publicly funded construction projects. Local Labor programs typically have fixed numerical goals defined by the public agency that the contractor must meet or risk contractual penalties. Compliance with Local Labor/Workforce Programs is typically established by a review of each contractor’s certified payroll records (CPRs). LCP, Inc. collects & analyzes CPRs and prepares statistical reports that clearly show the contractor’s utilization of local workers.

Local Purchase Programs require contractors to concentrate project expenditures (e.g. materials, supplies, equipment, etc.) within a defined area, which is typically set by zip code parameters. These expenditures serve as “community benefits” that would otherwise be going to businesses outside the local project area. LCP, Inc. collects & analyzes expenditure data (receipts, invoices, etc.) and prepares reports that show how many local funds are recycled back into the local community.

Typical Local Labor / Local Purchase scope of work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Outreach & Contractor Education
  • Document Control
  • Local Purchase Compliance Review
  • Compliance Reports to Public Agency