Q. What is a registered apprentice?

A. An apprentice is someone who has signed an agreement with an employer, an approved apprenticeship program or program sponsor, and whose agreement is registered with the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS). Only an approved apprenticeship program can provide a contractor with a registered apprentice on public works projects.

Q. Do programs that provide apprentices for public works projects provide workers compensation benefits for the apprentice they send out to jobs or is the responsibility of the contractor and/or subcontractor?

A. This responsibility lies with the contractor and/or subcontractor.

Q. How can I find the names of the applicable approved apprenticeship programs/committees?

A. Two suggestions:

Contact the DAS District office whose assigned geographic areas of responsibility cover the county/ies in which the public works project is located.

Visit our interactive website at http://www.dir.ca.gov/databases/das/pwaddrstart.asp

Q. As a contractor who has been awarded a public works contract, and has my own employees, am I still required hiring registered apprentices?

A. Yes.

Q. I am a non-union contractor. Am I required to hire an apprentice?

A. Yes, you must request dispatch from approved programs in the geographic area of the project. For projects bid before July 1, 2009 you must request dispatch from at least one approved program in the geographic area of the project. For projects bid after June 30, 2009 you must request dispatch from each program in the geographical area of the project until you have met the required ratio or all the programs in the geographic area of the project failed to dispatch to you.

Q. Can I employ my friend, family, or my own employee who is still beginning to learn a particular trade, as an apprentice?

A. No. The law requires that you employ only apprentices who are registered with an approved program. However, if your friend or your employee is a registered apprentice, and has been dispatched to you by an approved apprenticeship program, yes you can.

Q. What happens if I employed my friend who is not a registered apprentice and I paid him the journeyman rate?

A. You may employ your friend and pay him journey wages but this does not affect the apprenticeship requirements.

Q. What are the benefits and advantages to hiring a registered apprentice?

A. The benefits of hiring an apprentice registered in a state approved program are:

  • Lower pay rate than the journeyman pay rate.
  • Elimination of recruitment programs for workers who are already trained.
  • Creates a diversified and flexible workforce and larger pool of employees with specific skills.
  • Increases productivity; employees in a structured training program are motivated to achieve.