Q. What are the instances in which a contractor on a public works project is considered exempt from the requirements of LC 1777.5?

A. They are:

LC 1777.5 does not apply to general contractors whose contract is under $30,000.

When the craft or trade is not apprenticeable.

When the contractor holds a sole proprietor license and no workers were employed by the contractor. In other words, the contractor performed the entire work from start to finish and worked alone.

When the project is a federal project and the funding of the project does not contain any city, county, and/or state monies.

When the project is a private project not covered by the definition of public works as found in LC section 1720.

Q. What if I am exempt from the requirements of California Labor Code Section 1777.5 as my situation falls under one of the exemptions listed above. Do I still have to provide a “Notice of Contract Award” (DAS 140 form) to the applicable program?

A. You do not have to submit a “Notice of Contract Award”. However, for purposes of letting the applicable program know of your exemption, you may, nevertheless, want to provide the form to the applicable program so they are aware of your exemption.